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The Story

After leaving home on a quest to help her people, and find the Tree of Life, Ariana has found the world of Humans to be larger and stranger than she bargained for! They have been kind, patient, helpers; they have been brutal, violent, criminals. Their food, clothing, buildings, and animals are a delight to the senses, and a new sphere to navigate. Fortunately, she has new ally – Another elf, from a long separated clan. His grasp of human language and customs is much better, but his trust of them far lower. Does he know better? Or is he just that boring fuddy-duddy who doesn't like to have any fun?

Book Six is a fresh breath of Spring! With the return of a ray of hope (who is less than a ray of sunshine). 5 chapters, 140 pages plus extras.

Book Five continues the journey through a cold dark winter, and difficult times for Ariana's search for the tree! It's 5 chapters, 136 pages plus extras.

Book Four sees our intrepid adventurers joining up with a human caravan to find their way to a city rumored to have elven ruins. It's 6 chapters, 176 pages with special extras.

Book Three covers the weeks and months following their chance encounter in the village of Boughton. It's six chapters, more than 180 pages of watercolor illustrations. The book includes exclusive chapter covers, and a short piece of background information on the world.

Book Two brings us the exploration of new lands and the customs of these strange Humans. It's 6 chapters, 150 pages, and includes special extras.

Book One introduces us to the colorful, marvelous world of Root & Branch, and Ariana's quest to find The Tree of Life. It's 5 chapters, 120 pages plus special extras!

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Buy Now$25.00 USD or more

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